Why I wake up at 4:00a.m

Most if not all days of the week (except Saturday and Sunday) I wake up a 4:00a.m. 4 a.m. has this special quietness to it. The late nighters that were prob staying up to finish school homework go to bed by 3. The early wakers don’t get up till 5.

Normally to finish homework due that day (whoops). I feel like my brain is the most productive during this time, the best to do hard Physics or English, my worst subject. I would highly suggest to wake up at 4:00 a.m and do something creative or maybe even read or dare I say “homework.” Tell me how it goes, I would love to know.


Inside the minds of the biggest cities

I was born in the heart of Chicago, but grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana. I have always dreamed of big cites, living in Los Angeles, having to walk in crowded sidewalks bustling with unique and different people. But I started to wonder, what makes the biggest cities in the U.S, them.

New York

The Big Apple.  The City of Everything. The City That Never Sleeps. New York has quite a reputation shown by many nicknames. New York In my eyes is city where people come to be successful. It’s an island filled with people who are also connected island, taking on the world alone, but with connections. The city is almost brutally honest because it doesn’t have time to be anything else. It’s a place where after you’ve dreamed you live.

Los Angles 

This is only picture that I didn’t take because I’ve never been, but I hope it’s where I end up. The city although with some skyscrapers  is mostly spread out. Even though I’ve never been there, I know it’s a place unlike NYC. A place where dreams start and turn to stardom. A place where you could be forgotten in a split second, but is very open to second chances. It’s surburban, but yet a city. Healthy, but not too healthy. Rich, but still dry. LA has the highest highs, but can also contain the lowest lows. In it is a place for all.


Lastly, the city from where I started. This city although very big isn’t credited with being a place where thoughts and ideas are not just thoughts and idea. It’s a city that’s constantly growing faster than the ones on the top, but is only known as the 3rd biggest. I feel like this city is me. Not always known as the best, but when you least expect it will rise up, maybe even on top!!