Back To School Supplies 


I recently started school, so I wanted to share with you guys how I customize my supplies, to make them unique. I will also share what I have in my pencil pouch and my planner.

Binder Cover

To make my binders personalized and add a bit more color to my plain binders. I like to put in covers in the front covers of my binders. I like to have theme so all my supplies cordinate together. Last year my theme was Lilly Pulitzer patterns, but this year I opted for a watercolor theme. I’ll link some or share some pics of the ones I can find.

AP World History

Some other suggestions that are similar:
After saving pictures from Google  go to Word to add a rectangle shape, fill it in with a coordinating color, then add your name, and WABAM print!

Washi Tape Decoration

I use washi tape to add some flair and for everyone else to know that those are my stuff. For my calculator I added washi tape because everyone one had the same black calculator and it would have been a pain if I lost it. For notebooks and folders I recommend putting a layer of clear tape over it so it doesn’t tear.

Pencil Pouch 

My pencil pouch is a purply color that I got from Target a loooonnnggg time ago. I always keep an assortment of hilighters and colorful pens for color coding my notes. A pack of sticky notes for quick notes, a couple of my favorite Papermate® pencils, black pen and paper tabs to mark important pages in my textbook.


My planner is Bloom® daily 2016-2017 academic year planner. It was only $15 from Amazon and it’s so pretty. Sadly, they don’t make a vertical layout which I prefer, but I’ll manage. If you want a more in depth look into how I plan my week, let me know.

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